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Consulting for Pharma develops solutions covering several areas of medicine and medical device commercialization including Market Access, Pricing and Reimbursement, Health Technology Appraisal, and Strategy. These solutions are rooted in its experience from many years of cooperation with medicine and medical device companies of all sizes and geographies. Obtain a better understanding of Consulting for Pharma's services and expertise here.

Market Access and Health Technology Appraisal

Due to increasing medicine and medical device cost-containment due to Payer budgetary pressure, the ageing population, and increasingly complex medicines and medical devices a well-devised Market Access strategy is vital to influence Payers of the Value of a potential medicine or medical technology. Consulting for Pharma compiles comprehensive Health Technology Appraisal (HTA) Submissions, Health Technology Assessment Systems, healthcare Policy and Market Access analysis Reports, Market Access Value Stories, Value Propositions, and Value Messages; Market Access Global Value Dossiers, US Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy formulary Dossiers comparing the proposed medicine or medical technology to those already marketed. Landscape assessment reports and targeted literature reviews are also written. Research Interviews with Key Opinion Leaders, Hospital Consultants, Hospital Pharmacists and other senior Stakeholders are conducted in order to gather Insights and for Evidence generation. Market Access advice is given to clients. Small, medium and large projects are carried out. Workshops are delivered.

Pricing & Reimbursement

With many medicines and medical technologies on the market, a competitive price is increasingly important to achieve profit and obtain a Return on Investment in Research and Development. Pricing analysis is undertaken, and Pricing and Reimbursement Submissions and advisory and analysis reports are prepared for pharmaceutical and biotechnology medicine and medical device manufacturers and approval by Payers and pricing agencies. Payer Research Interviews are conducted in order to gather Insights and for Evidence generation. Advice is also given. Small, medium, and large projects are carried out.


Whether short-term or long-term management planning, Consulting for Pharma's management expertise allows you to navigate the future of your company and its products with greater assurance. Research Interviews with industry Directors are conducted in order to gather Insights and for Evidence generation and analysis Reports are compiled. Small, medium and large projects are carried out. Advice is given.




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